X-fix connects CLT!

X-fix is …

… a timber to timber coupling system for easy and fast joining of cross laminated timber Elements in wall – wall Connections or ceiling joints .

… a double dovetail shaped connector for CLT panels made from plywood without any metal.

… time saving on the building site, with just a hammer for the self tightening X-fix coupling System and the CLT Panels are clamped together 100 % accurate and form-locking.

… the future in CLT building minimizing CLT waste and speeding up onsite installation.

Deckenmontage mit X-fix C


X-fix Werbeteaser von Hasslacher Norica Timber

X- fix News:


Logo-BAU-Messe-Muenchen-1024x450X-fix Bau Munich: Stand B5.531 14.-19. Jannuary 2019
Learn about the X-fix Timberdome and the new X-fix projects for CLT-concrete sandwich elements and X-fix for ceilings. Special offers to become X-fix partner only at Bau Munich!

May 2018: The ETA (European Technical Assessment) for X-fix C is ETA-18/0254 is valid since 2018.05.07. The ETA-18/0254 for X-fix C was issued by the the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering. Click here for the download>>


Construction project in March 2018: The bungalow of the family Weichsler – Grünzweig in Lower Austria was installed in record time with X-fix. The interior CLT walls in visual quality (Hasslacher Excellent Surface) are connected with X-fix L (invisible in the wall). No screws disturb the beautiful surfaces. The ceiling elements are seamlessly connected with the already proven X-fix C ceiling connectors. The CLT elements come from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER. Here the picture gallery >>

New X-fix Partner March 2018: The renowned and innovative timber construction company Vorarlberg carpentry Heiseler GmbH from Sonntag in the great Walsertal in is X-fix partner! Managing Director Thomas Heiseler is thrilled with the possibilities of X-fix and will now offer his customers X-fix projects. With the new Hundegger Robotdrive, Heiseler is able to produce the X-fix milling precisely and accurately. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation. Here the picture gallery >>

November 2017: Gemson Holzbau, Customer KPMG Vienna CEO Mag. Helmut Kerschbauer Tresdorf builds a X-fix CLT Showcase. Inner walls are connected with X-fix L. Some of the CLT ceiling elements are reinforced with steel beams and connected with X-fix C. Here X-fix C shows its strengths. Architect DI Reinhard Suntinger, CLT elements from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER.

. find pics. here>>



November 2017: Holzkurier BSP Special Journal writes about the strengh of X-fix. read more in the .pdf download.(german)


14. September 2017: X-fix Show at Hundegger CLT Innovation day in Hawangen/Germany:

X-fix with Hundegger! On September 14th 2017 X-fix was presented at the Hundegger CLT innovation day at the Hundegger factory in Hawangen. Hundegger machinery is ideal for X-fix connector milling in CLT Panels.


X-fix C ceiling 1400 m2 mounted in record time:

March 2017: Schmid Holzbau, 1400 m2 ceilling elements for a public shool in Vienna are connected with 400 # X-fix C connectors. Schmid carpenters are fascinated by how quickly and precisely the ceilings can be mounted with X-fix C. CLT elements from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER. find pics here>>


October 2016: “Holzkurier” writes about X-fix

“Firmly connected in one go – with X-fix, cross laminated timber can be installed in record time.” read the article here in the .pdf download. (german).

X-fix C is a two pice double dovetail timer-timber connector for CLT ceiling joints or wall panels.

X-fix C is a self tightening connector for shear and tensile heavy load resitant connection of CLT ceilings and CLT walls.

X-fix C is a two pice double dovetail wood-wood conector.

The instalation of X-fix C type connectors is easy. Insert the first part of X-fix C in the milling of the two CLT Panels, then put the second part of X-fix C in and finaly hammer the two pices together.

The tapered shape of the X-fix C connectors clamps even large-format ceiling panels or wall parts self tightening and form-fitting together.

The advantage of X-fix C is obvious: Fast on site instalation, form-Fitting connection ideal for visible surfaces of ceilings, no clamps – no problem self tightening hammer in connection, NO METAL only WOOD Connection!

Build wall elements containing windows and doors with X-fix C and save up to 30% of CLT panels! No CLT is wasted and is going to the cipper any more. Cost efective and intelligent.


X-fix L is a linear wood-wood connector specially designed for L, T and longitudinal joints of CLT walls.

X-fix L connects CLT invisible in the wall.


X-fix L is a linear wood-wood connector specially designed for L, T and longitudinal joints of CLT walls.
X-fix L connects CLT invisible in the wall and so it is ideal for connecting CLT Panels with visible finished surface.

X-fix L consists of two dovetail-shaped and taperd coupling strips with a length of max. 3 m. The prefabricated millings of the CLT walls to be joined are set to each other and a part one of the X-fix L coupling bar is inserted from above. Then the second part of Xfix L is inserted and hammered in. Done is the connection!

Advantages of X-fix L: Very fast assembly time, X-fix L coupling strips are mounted from the inside of the building so no external scaffolding is required. No metal in the pure wood – wood connection. X-fix L is invisible because it is in the wall. This works perfect for visible surface CLT Panels.