X-fix connects CLT!

X-fix is …

… a timber to timber coupling system for easy and fast joining of cross laminated timber Elements in wall – wall Connections or ceiling joints .

… a double dovetail shaped connector for CLT panels made from plywood without any metal.

… time saving on the building site, with just a hammer for the self tightening X-fix coupling System and the CLT Panels are clamped together 100 % accurate and form-locking.

… the future in CLT building minimizing CLT waste and speeding up onsite installation.

Deckenmontage mit X-fix C

X- fix News:

picture: Fa CLTech

Opening X-fix Timberdome Diemenstein on the campus of the TU Kaiserslautern 05.09.2019: Pavilion with a span of twelve meters is inaugurated. The new wood research campus of the Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK) is currently being built in the Diemerstein Valley near Kaiserslautern. Its entrance is characterized by a wooden pavilion – an X-fix Timberdome – with a span of twelve meters of an area of 100 square meters.
The wooden pavilion has Dr. Christopher Robeller and his team of the DTC TU Kaiserslautern designed and manufactured. The architects worked closely with the timber construction company CLTech. The statics comes from Pirmin Jung engineers. The pavilion is unique in its kind worldwide. X-fix makes it possible.

“Crocodile” Winterthur client Implenia / CH is highly satisfied with Hasslacher ceiling systems combined with X-fix, a report from the construction site: Site manager Adrian Ulrich of the company Implenia / CH is thrilled with X-fix and the Hasslacher Norica Timber ceiling elements. “We save more than 30% of the laying time for the floors,” says Adrian Ulrich. “In addition, the X-fix ceiling connection system is qualitatively better, because X-fix automatically closes the gap between the visible ceiling elements.” Ulrich is also satisfied with the static properties of X-fix C. “An X-fix C connector can take 28 kN of shear and tensile load and is therefore more cost-effective compared to steel screws and steel sheet plates that would be necessary to absorb the enormous shear forces of the building in the storey ceilings. “

Ligna Hannover 2019,  X-fix Timberdome hosted by LEDINEK:  On the stand of the company LEDINEK, we were showing the X-fix Timberdome at the Ligna 2019 in Hanover. Many international experts acknowledged how easy it is to connect CLT components with X-fix on the construction site or in the factory in a way that saves resources and time. The current X-fix construction projects such as the “Crocodile” in Lokstadt / Winterthur were also well received by the industry. Thanks to the great Ledinek team.

Lokstadt “Crocodile” (Switzerland), X-fix bulk order for Hasslacher Norica Timber:   X-fix partner Hasslacher Norica Timber builds 20.000 m2 CLT ceilings (24 cm thickness) for customer Implenia,  in Winterthur (Switzerland).  The name of the building: the “Crocodile in the “Lokstadt”. Over 10.000 # X-fix C ceiling connectors make the highly sophisticated sight-ceiling construction possible.  The 24 cm thick CLT panels with visible surface are connected with X-fix C without  gaps. The main advantages: enormous time savings of installation time and excellent dimensional stability

krokodilQuelle: Krokodil Lokstadt (CH)

Kristof  Van Dun (BE) = X-fix partner:  The highly innovative timber construction company from Turnhout in Belgium is a new X-fix license partner. With his new SCM Routech CNC joinery Kristof Van Dun relies on X-fix C and X-fix L for wall and ceiling construction for his demanding customers. His goals are reduction of CLT waste material and quality advantages of visual constructions. The first 1000 # X-fix C already arrived in Belgium.

DTC UNI Kaiserslautern, Hundegger and X-fix are building the  “Timberdome”: Production of a CLT freeform shell with the Hundegger PBA 3 at Hüsser Holzleimbau AG, in Bremgarten Switzerland

Logo-BAU-Messe-Muenchen-1024x450Jannuary 2019: Huge interest in X-fix at the Bau Munich:
Highlights of the fair was the X-fix Timberdome segmentshell (see pictures below). Only with X-fix C you can build turtlebacklike segmentshells from CLT.  Customers could find out about X-fix projects for CLT-concrete sandwich panels as well as wallconstruction with X-fix which brings massive reduction of CLT waste material.

20190116_102905 (800x400)

20190118_090631 (800x400)

May 2018: The ETA (European Technical Assessment) for X-fix C is ETA-18/0254 is valid since 2018.05.07. The ETA-18/0254 for X-fix C was issued by the the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering. Click here for the download>>


Construction project in March 2018: The bungalow of the family Weichsler – Grünzweig in Lower Austria was installed in record time with X-fix. The interior CLT walls in visual quality (Hasslacher Excellent Surface) are connected with X-fix L (invisible in the wall). No screws disturb the beautiful surfaces. The ceiling elements are seamlessly connected with the already proven X-fix C ceiling connectors. The CLT elements come from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER. Here the picture gallery >>

New X-fix Partner March 2018: The renowned and innovative timber construction company Vorarlberg carpentry Heiseler GmbH from Sonntag in the great Walsertal in is X-fix partner! Managing Director Thomas Heiseler is thrilled with the possibilities of X-fix and will now offer his customers X-fix projects. With the new Hundegger Robotdrive, Heiseler is able to produce the X-fix milling precisely and accurately. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation. Here the picture gallery >>

November 2017: Gemson Holzbau, Customer KPMG Vienna CEO Mag. Helmut Kerschbauer Tresdorf builds a X-fix CLT Showcase. Inner walls are connected with X-fix L. Some of the CLT ceiling elements are reinforced with steel beams and connected with X-fix C. Here X-fix C shows its strengths. Architect DI Reinhard Suntinger, CLT elements from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER.

. find pics. here>>


November 2017: Holzkurier BSP Special Journal writes about the strengh of X-fix. read more in the .pdf download.(german)

14. September 2017: X-fix Show at Hundegger CLT Innovation day in Hawangen/Germany:

X-fix with Hundegger! On September 14th 2017 X-fix was presented at the Hundegger CLT innovation day at the Hundegger factory in Hawangen. Hundegger machinery is ideal for X-fix connector milling in CLT Panels.

X-fix C ceiling 1400 m2 mounted in record time:

March 2017: Schmid Holzbau, 1400 m2 ceilling elements for a public shool in Vienna are connected with 400 # X-fix C connectors. Schmid carpenters are fascinated by how quickly and precisely the ceilings can be mounted with X-fix C. CLT elements from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER. find pics here>>

October 2016: “Holzkurier” writes about X-fix

“Firmly connected in one go – with X-fix, cross laminated timber can be installed in record time.” read the article here in the .pdf download. (german).

X-fix C is a two pice double dovetail timer-timber connector for CLT ceiling joints or wall panels.

X-fix C is a self tightening connector for shear and tensile heavy load resitant connection of CLT ceilings and CLT walls.

X-fix C is a two pice double dovetail wood-wood conector.

The instalation of X-fix C type connectors is easy. Insert the first part of X-fix C in the milling of the two CLT Panels, then put the second part of X-fix C in and finaly hammer the two pices together.

The tapered shape of the X-fix C connectors clamps even large-format ceiling panels or wall parts self tightening and form-fitting together.

The advantage of X-fix C is obvious: Fast on site instalation, form-Fitting connection ideal for visible surfaces of ceilings, no clamps – no problem self tightening hammer in connection, NO METAL only WOOD Connection!

Build wall elements containing windows and doors with X-fix C and save up to 30% of CLT panels! No CLT is wasted and is going to the cipper any more. Cost efective and intelligent.

X-fix L is a linear wood-wood connector specially designed for L, T and longitudinal joints of CLT walls.

X-fix L connects CLT invisible in the wall.

X-fix L is a linear wood-wood connector specially designed for L, T and longitudinal joints of CLT walls.
X-fix L connects CLT invisible in the wall and so it is ideal for connecting CLT Panels with visible finished surface.

X-fix L consists of two dovetail-shaped and taperd coupling strips with a length of max. 3 m. The prefabricated millings of the CLT walls to be joined are set to each other and a part one of the X-fix L coupling bar is inserted from above. Then the second part of Xfix L is inserted and hammered in. Done is the connection!

Advantages of X-fix L: Very fast assembly time, X-fix L coupling strips are mounted from the inside of the building so no external scaffolding is required. No metal in the pure wood – wood connection. X-fix L is invisible because it is in the wall. This works perfect for visible surface CLT Panels.