X-fix connects CLT!

X-fix is …

… a timber to timber coupling system for easy and fast joining of cross laminated timber Elements in wall – wall Connections or ceiling joints .

… a double dovetail shaped connector for CLT panels made from plywood without any metal.

… time saving on the building site, with just a hammer for the self tightening X-fix coupling System and the CLT Panels are clamped together 100 % accurate and form-locking.

… the future in CLT building minimizing CLT waste and speeding up onsite installation. 

X- fix News:

X-Fix stimulates the growth of prefabricated house manufacturer Multicomfort!

The Multicomfort company has been a manufacturer of prefabricated timber frame houses for over a dozen years and for some time now the Polish company has also been building prefabricated houses made of cross-laminated timber. Since the beginning of 2023, Multicomfort has been using X-fix as the main fastener and key component for the prefabricated cross-laminated timber house kits that are exported from near Katowice to all of Europe. The factory in Bytom, which only opened in 2023, produces 80% of walls and ceiling elements for export using a Hundegger Robotdrive and cross-laminated timber in the standard 1.2 m format as well as X-fix C connectors with almost no waste. The company works in a B2B model and its offices can be found in Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna and Stockholm, among others. For construction sites in the surrounding area, the wall elements are assembled from 1.2 m wide CLT elements and X-fix in the factory and transported to the construction sites. If transporting the entire walls is too far or too expensive, Multicomfort supplies an ideally designed CLT wall and ceiling kit that is assembled by assembly professionals on the construction site using X-fix. “We are currently working on a project with 111 social housing units for the city of Eindhoven/NL, which meets higher ecological parameters than ever before! X-fix is an important part of this.” – says Bartosz Pawliczek, the owner of Multicomfort.


February 2023: “Aktion Mensch” Berlin / DE, Terhalle Holzbau GmbH is building a 6-story courtyard house with X-fix

The project at Prinzregentenstraße 76 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf is an inclusion building project by Aktion Mensch. The building will be built as a six-story courtyard house. Individual residential units are being created, including for families with children with disabilities and a shared apartment in which people with and without assistance needs live together. The stairwell/elevator core is made of reinforced concrete. The facade areas of the floors are built as a wooden frame construction and covered with a curtain wall: The ceilings are made of cross-laminated timber ceilings as visible ceilings.

June 2022: For the first time, 1000# of the new X Fix C 130 mm connectors were used at Hotel Neubau in Austria, connecting 3500 m2 of ceiling and roof.  


3500 m2 ceiling and roof with X-fix C in the new length of 130 mm: 1000 X-fix C 130 mm timber connectors connect two 220 mm thick floor slabs and the roof made of 280 mm cross laminated timber in a new aparthotel on the Turracherhöhe in Carinthia / Austria. Cross laminated timber from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, construction by EHRENREICH BaugmbH from Tamsweg. Many thanks also to site foreman Franz Grafenauer from the Ehrenreich company and his carpenters for the perfect construction work.

Fotos: Fuggerei und Züblin Eckhard Matthäus,

Fotos: Fuggerei und Züblin Eckhard Matthäus,

May 2022: Pavillon Fuggerei Augsburg build by Züblin Timber/Aichach

Visible CLT connections with X-fix for easy assembly and disassembly:  On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Fugger Foundations, the interactive exhibition pavilion “Fuggerei NEXT500” was officially opened on the Rathausplatz in Augsburg/Germany.
For the outer shell, 36 individual cross-laminated timber components measuring up to 50 m² in size and weighing up to 6 t were manufactured in the ZÜBLIN Timber factory in Aichach. The complex, multiply curved free-form surfaces were connected with over 200 # X-fix. The pavilion can be easily dismantled using X-fix and will be rebuilt at a different location after the celebrations.    (find more pictures at: Züblin Timber


Spring 2022 : “Everything is made of wood!” “Spinelli” construction site in Mannheim OBG building construction and ImmPrinzip, CLT ceiling with 600 # X-Fix connectors

In Mannheim, OBG Hochbau and ImmPrinzip are currently realizing two multi-storey buildings in solid wood construction. Two residential buildings made almost entirely of wood are being built in a premium residential area right on the edge of the future Federal Horticultural Show.  Thank you carpenter Simon Söte for the perfect assembly.

“Das Bärahus” Feldkirch / Austria February 2022: Rhomberg erects a seven-story wooden office building with X-fix

As a timber construction specialist and pioneer, Rhomberg Bau from Bregenz/Austria has now made a name for itself far beyond the borders of Vorarlberg. And this name is now enriched by another facet: At the Bärenkreuzung in Feldkirch, construction of the first all-wood office building from a new wood product range from Rhomberg began: the “office ZERO”. “We can simply show what wood can really do with seven floors with a quality that is otherwise difficult to achieve when building in the traditional way. That’s why I’m pleased that we now have the opportunity to present a new project and a new building type here,”  said Hubert Rhomberg, Managing Director of Rhomberg Bau. According to Rhomberg, this building type should be scaled up in the future and used in other projects. 1000 # X-fix C 90 and X-fix C 45 connect the 750 m3 of wood of the “Bärahus”. Construction time 14 months. (Pictures: Rhomberg Bau GmbH)

Oslo/Norway spring 2022: X-fix is a a key component in an 3000 sqm Office building in natural materials designed by Oslotre.

Straye Trebygg AS is building this visionary  dismantled and reusable building set with 600 # X-fix C 90. The CLT and the X-fix milling comes from Splitkon / Amot Norway. HasleTre is a 3000 sqm Office building in natural materials. It is planned as a wooden construction from the first sketch. The façade will consist of chipboard cladding and the idea is that the façade will change expression according to the seasons. Parts of the façade are covered with green plants that work in the Nordic climate, and we have planned a spectacular roof garden which is both a biotope for cultivation and a nice place to stay. The construction consists of wood from the inside to the outside and is planned as a dismantled and reusable building set.” (https://www.oslotre.no/project/hasle-tre/) OsloTre is Consultant agency for architecture, specializing in timber constructions based in Oslo/Norway.


Pirmin Jung builds “House of Wood” with X-fix.

A service and residential building made of wood is being built in Sursee/Switzerland as a showpiece for digital construction with wood. The “House of Wood” will be realized in a future-oriented, energy-efficient timber system construction method and will be realized using the BIM method (Building Information Modeling). For Pirmin Jung, X-fix plays a decisive role in wood connection technology and is used connecting

  • ceiling to ceiling 
  • wall to wall
  • beams and pillars to CLT walls
  • and (new!)  the connection between ceiling and wall. Again a new variant how the engineers from Pirmin Jung use X-fix.

June 2021: SEMA Software for timber construction integrates all X-fix models into the SEMA Data Store.

See in this video link how easily you can plan X-fix in your projects with the SEMA timber construction software.

April 2021: KVD Houtbouw / BE produces wonderful solid CLT houses with its SCM Oikos from inexpensive 1.2 m standard CLT panels and X-fix.

In Turnhout / BE, our customer Kristof Van Dun (KVD Houtbouw) uses his SCM Oikos CNC system to produce wall and ceiling elements with almost no waste from 1.2 m standard panels and X-Fix. In this way, wooden structures made of inexpensive standard material can be manufactured very flexibly and individually according to customer requirements. Incidentally, Kristof buys the raw panels in winter. Ideal in view of the sharp rise in raw material prices and the long delivery times in the industry. Many timber construction companies have a CNC joinery system for 1.2 m panels. In the case of a new building, an extension or an addition, the carpenter takes away the solid construction from the bricklayer. With standard CLT and X-fix.

New X-fix C models 65, 130 and 180 mm:

In addition to the ETA 18-0254 approved models X-fix C 45 mm and X-fix C 90 mm, the new models in the lengths X-fix C 65 mm, X-fix C 130 mm and X-fix C 180 mm are being tested. X-fix C 45 mm is approved for CLT 3s from 65 mm. X-fix C 90 is approved for all CLT board structures from 3 layers. 

NEW: X-fix software tool for structural design “Ing-Tools for X-fix C”:

Please test our new software toll for structural design from Ing-Tools for X-fix C  https://www.ing-tools.de/module/x-fix/

Winter 2020/2021: Züblin Timber builds Collegium Academicum Heidelberg without screws but with X-fix – a new era in timber construction:

Picture: Collegium Academicum

Without screws – a new era in timber construction: Züblin Timber in Aichach / DE is using X-fix to build a student residence without screws. For the first time, X-fix is also used to connect glued laminated timber and structural beech. The all-wood construction for the Heidelberg student residence, designed by the architects Drexler Guinand Jauslin and planned by Pirmin Jung, does not require any screws. But over 3000 # X-fix C 90 hold the future-oriented building together. X-fix connects pillars and beams made of structural beech or glulam with CLT panels  to give the building the necessary rigidity.

2020/2021  Implenia builds KIM Inno-City in Winterthur/CH with X-fix:

A large-scale development  with X-fix planned by BDE Architects from Winterthur. After the positive experience with the “Krokodil” in Winterthur, Implenia is again building with X-fix C. The 10,000 m2 visible floor ceiling connected with 6000 # X-fix C comes from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER (approx. 2500 m3 CLT).


TS3  – new gastro hall for Handl Tyrol Speck – with X-fix as an assembly aid:

The catering area of the large new building of the Handl Speck company in Pians is covered by a 650m2 cross-laminated timber ceiling with the new TS3 adhesive technology paired with X-fix. TS3 technology is a revolution in timber construction. 


April 2020 Bateschwiler/ Laufenburg, CH counts on X-fix for wall and ceilings:

Video: Balteschwiler

Architects, planners and construction professionals saw a “rotating X-fix sail” at the Balteschwiler stand at Swissbau in Basel 2020. “We will supply our customers with construction kits for walls and ceilings with X-fix. We have already completed several orders for this “, says Matthias Huber, head of timber construction projects at Balteschwiler. The Reichenbacher machining center with vacuum clamping table from Balteschwiler offers the ideal prerequisites for X-fix milling.

February 2020: Belgian walls and ceiling elements made of standard CLT panels from Binderholz with X-fix:

Foto: Van Dun

The Belgian X-fix pioneer Kristof Van Dun shows how walls and ceiling elements for extensions and new buildings can be made from standard CLT panels with a width of 1.25 m from Binder Holz at low cost. With his SCM Oikos, Van Dun manufactures the individual parts of the walls and assembles them in the factory. Installation is quick and uncomplicated as usual. “We have four new projects in the pipeline in which we will use X-fix C 90”, reports Femke Dryts, chief technician at Van Dun.



Nov. 2019 US Patent for X-fix C:

Another important milestone for the marketing of X-fix is the grant of the patent in the United States.

picture: Fa CLTech

Opening X-fix Timberdome Diemenstein on the campus of the TU Kaiserslautern 05.09.2019: Pavilion with a span of twelve meters is inaugurated. The new wood research campus of the Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK) is currently being built in the Diemerstein Valley near Kaiserslautern. Its entrance is characterized by a wooden pavilion – an X-fix Timberdome – with a span of twelve meters of an area of 100 square meters.
The wooden pavilion has Dr. Christopher Robeller and his team of the DTC TU Kaiserslautern designed and manufactured. The architects worked closely with the timber construction company CLTech. The statics comes from Pirmin Jung engineers. The pavilion is unique in its kind worldwide. X-fix makes it possible.

“Crocodile” Winterthur client Implenia / CH is highly satisfied with Hasslacher ceiling systems combined with X-fix, a report from the construction site: Site manager Adrian Ulrich of the company Implenia / CH is thrilled with X-fix and the Hasslacher Norica Timber ceiling elements. “We save more than 30% of the laying time for the floors,” says Adrian Ulrich. “In addition, the X-fix ceiling connection system is qualitatively better, because X-fix automatically closes the gap between the visible ceiling elements.” Ulrich is also satisfied with the static properties of X-fix C. “An X-fix C connector can take 28 kN of shear and tensile load and is therefore more cost-effective compared to steel screws and steel sheet plates that would be necessary to absorb the enormous shear forces of the building in the storey ceilings. “

Ligna Hannover 2019,  X-fix Timberdome hosted by LEDINEK: 

On the stand of the company LEDINEK, we were showing the X-fix Timberdome at the Ligna 2019 in Hanover. Many international experts acknowledged how easy it is to connect CLT components with X-fix on the construction site or in the factory in a way that saves resources and time. The current X-fix construction projects such as the “Crocodile” in Lokstadt / Winterthur were also well received by the industry. Thanks to the great Ledinek team.

Lokstadt “Crocodile” (Switzerland), X-fix bulk order for Hasslacher Norica Timber:  

X-fix partner Hasslacher Norica Timber builds 20.000 m2 CLT ceilings (24 cm thickness) for customer Implenia,  in Winterthur (Switzerland).  The name of the building: the “Crocodile” in the “Lokstadt”. Over 10.000 # X-fix C ceiling connectors make the highly sophisticated sight-ceiling construction possible.  The 24 cm thick CLT panels with visible surface are connected with X-fix C without  gaps. The main advantages: enormous time savings of installation time and excellent dimensional stability


Quelle: Krokodil Lokstadt (CH)


DTC UNI Kaiserslautern, Hundegger and X-fix are building the  “Timberdome”: Production of a CLT freeform shell with the Hundegger PBA 3 at Hüsser Holzleimbau AG, in Bremgarten Switzerland