X-fix C is a two pice double dovetail timer-timber connector for CLT ceiling joints or wall panels.

X-fix C is a self tightening connector for shear and  tensile heavy load resitant connection of CLT ceilings and CLT walls.

X-fix C is a two pice double dovetail wood-wood conector.

The instalation of X-fix C type connectors is easy. Insert the first part of X-fix C in the milling of the two CLT Panels, then put the second part of X-fix C in and finaly hammer the two pices together.

The tapered shape of the  X-fix C connectors clamps even large-format ceiling panels or wall parts self tightening and form-fitting together.

The advantage of X-fix C is obvious: Fast on site instalation, form-Fitting connection ideal for visible surfaces of ceilings, no clamps – no problem self tightening hammer in connection, NO METAL only WOOD Connection!

Build wall elements containing windows and doors with X-fix C and save up to 30% of CLT panels! No CLT is wasted and is going to the cipper any more. Cost efective and intelligent.

X-fix C for CLT Panel ceilings


X-fix C is used for mounting CLT ceiling elements. The advantage over conventional bolted joints is that the patented X-fix C geometry clamps the CLT ceiling elements only by hammering in the X-fix C parts and connects them form-lockingly and 100% permanently. No time-consuming and difficult clamping together of the CLT ceiling elements!

For visible CLT ceilings, the form locking and self tightening X-fix C ceiling connection is ideal, as the joints are 100% parallel and clean.
The pictures below show a heavy CLT ceiling width = 2.5 m, length = 19 m, thickness = 220 mm  and X-fix C connector.

X-fix C is characterized by excellent mechanical properties: One (1) X-fix C 100/130/90 connector has the clamping force and shearing strength of 28 kN which corresponds to 10 steel full-thread screws diameter 8 mm, length 120 mm.

Instalation of CLT ceiling elements with X-fix C type. The ceiling elements are pulled together by X-fix C and clamped form-fitting.

X-fix C is self-tensioning, no clamps needed, no unwanted gaps.
The connection of the CLT ceiling elements with X-fix C has high strength and stiffness and also is form-fitting.

X-fix CLT ceiling connections are not only qualitatively better, but also cost-superior over conventional CLT ceiling connection Systems, because of the significant time savings.

X-fix C for wall Elements:
CLT wall elements can be assembled  in the factory with X-fix C type too, to save up to 30% CLT panels. Compared to conventional systems where windows and doors are often cut out of full-surface CLT panels and chiped, the saving of CLT panels is significant! An assembly of CLT wall elements with X-fix C on the construction site is also easily possible with simple assembly tools. So the carpenter can also assemble the wall elements on site. New buildings or extensions of old buildings in the inner city area only with light cranes is made possible.The transport (even worldwide) of CLT wall elements and ceiling elements in standard containers or with standard trucks without special transports is also suddenly becoming cost-effective and interesting with X-Fix C and X-Fix L. The accurate prefabricated CLT wall parts can be assembled together on site without any problem and assembled with a perfect fit. Fix C and X-Fix L make worldwide shipping of CLT housing projects easy!

X-fix milling on the construction site with LIGNATOOL:
With a special X-fix milling template from LIGNATOOL and a vertical milling machine with special milling cutter, the carpenter can also produce an X-fix C or X-fix L milling on the construction site.