Different ceiling Systems with X-fix C

Wall systems with X-fix

2020/2021 Züblin Timber / Aichach builds the “Collegium Academicum” in Heidelberg / GER,
3000 # X-fix C 90 connect ceilings as well as CLT wall elements with Gluelam and “Baubuche” posts. A building without screws, only wood – wood connections.

Project KIM Winterthur / CH , 6000 # X-fix C for CLT ceilings.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9Qtj18v_dA&feature=youtu.be” title=”X-fix Timberdome Diemerstein”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]

50% Time saving! X-fix ceilling: A visible ceiling for a single-family home was installed in 90 minutes. This corresponds to a time saving of approx. 50%. Build faster, the crane faster away from the construction site. Visible ceiling permanently mounted 100% gap-free in less than half the time. Simply X-fix!

X-fix and Hundegger: Timberdome  DTC UNI Kaiserslautern: Production of a CLT Segment Shell with Hundegger PBA3 at Hüsser Holzleimbau AG, Bremgarten Switzerland.

the making of  X-fix Timberdome Segmentschale aus BSP verbunden mit X-fix C

X-fix C mit Lignatool Schablone und Oberfräse auch ohne CNC Maschine schnell und genau gefräst.

Deckenmontage mit den selbstspannenden X-fix C Verbindern, einstecken, einschlagen fertig. Die Decke ist ohne Spalt formschlüssig verbunden.


Instalation of a CLT ceiling with X-fix C connectors, for the winter residence of KPMG Vienna CEO Helmut Kerschbaumer in Tresdorf/Austria during winter 2017. 

X-fix teaser of our system partner HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER

X-fix C Holz -Holz Deckenverbinder

First Video of X-fix C montage of CLT ceiling panels in summer 2016. No screws, only a fat hammer. So simple, fast and 100% form-fitting for visible ceiling.