You can buy the patented x-fix-klein  connection  directly from Schilcher Trading & Engineering GmbH

or from X-fix premium partners like HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER /AT, Balteschwiler AG/CH, Bestwood Schneider oder KVD Houtbouw/BE with their projects.

X-fix represents a new generation in the connection of cross laminated timber elements. CLT can be robustly and permanently connected to each other with this ingenious wood-to-wood connection without additional tools and completely metal-free.

X-fix premium partners can be:

+ CLT manufacturers with own joinery

+ Joinery centers

+ producers of prefabricated house with own joinery

+ Carpentry and wood construction companies with their own joinery

If you are interested in becoming an X-fix premium partner or just trying out X-fix in a project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly make you an individual offer tailored to your requirements and needs. If you are interested in X-fix as an architect, master builder or house owner, we would be pleased to assist you in choosing an X-fix partner in your area.

Just call (or write an e-mail)

Mobile: +43 676 9259529

and talk directly to the CEO of X-fix, Markus Schilcher.