The ETA (European Technical Assessment) for X-fix C is ETA-18/0254 is valid since 2018.05.07. The ETA-18/0254 for X-fix C was issued by the the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering.

X-fix L and X-fix C were tested by the Competence Center of the Graz University of Technology holz.bau-research GmbH and on this basis also the basics for the static design of DI Manfred Augustin of holz.bau-research GmbH were developed.

The mechanical properties strength and rigidity of  X – fix L are described in the report No. GU16-484-1-01 of the Lignum Test Center (LTC) TU Graz, Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Gerhard Schickhofer stated. This report allows the use of X-fix L  after static calculation.


ETA (European Technical Assessment) for X-fix C is ETA-18/0254

X-fix Expert Opinion GU16-484-1-01, Lignum Test Center (LTC) TU-Graz von Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Gerhard Schickhofer
October 2016

X-fix Examples for design DI Manfred Augustin, Lignum Test Center TU Graz  October 2016


Now calculate the X-fix statics at >> Dimensioning software for X-fix C: After registering at, you can use the T11 module for dimensioning X-fix C connectors permanently and free of charge. All functions are available to you without restriction. You can perform calculations, save projects and generate reports.

The following evidence is provided:
– Proof of shear load
– Proof on tensile load
– Proof under combined stress