Assembly in record time. Wood-wood connection without metal. Minimizes waste, up to 30% CLT savings possible!

Build wall elements containing windows and doors with X-fix C and save up to 30% of CLT panels! No CLT is wasted and is going to the cipper any more.

-> Cost efective and intelligent.
Permanent and robust panels with windows and door openings can be manufactured out of existing elements
-> No waste
Optimum utilization of cargo space on trailer trucks or containers
-> No voids
-> No transport damage
Calculable alternative to special transports
-> No excess widths or lengths
Standard-sized elements can also be transported to difficult-to-reach inner-city locations
X-fix milling groove is easy to produce
-> Testing period is possible without additional investment
-> A high throughput capacity and dimensional accuracy can be reached with relatively little investment
Optimum utilization of the machinery
-> Production can be done in periods when orders come in slow
Production of standard elements
-> Possibility to produce for stocks
Production as a standardized kit
-> Can be offered as ‘simple construction system’
Ideal supplement to production of customized parts for the project business
-> Components can be produced and delivered at any time without disrupting the current workflow

  • Standard kit for single- and multifamily houses or when adding storeys on existing buildings
    -> Costs can be calculated fast and easy
    -> Easy to implement
    -> Added value remains with the timber construction company
    Easy to handle
    -> Easy project implementation even with semi-skilled workers under expert guidance
  • -> Even on the construction site X-fix milling with a milling template by Lignatool can be made quickly and easily.

Standard elements as stock items
-> CLT can be use quickly and safely, even for smaller projects
-> No extra production time needed for “ad-hoc” projects
-> Fast replacement of elements in case of material damage
-> New applications (*)

(*) Up until the mid-1980’s, glue-laminated timber was used exclusively in engineering projects. It was not until standard dimensions were produced on an industrial scale that putting those products on stock made sense economically.
Increasing outputs and new applications were the (welcome) result.
X-Fix can pave the way for a successful market penetration also for CLT!